cannabis roaches are toxic to pets

Potfreepet Graphics & Artwork Terms of Use

Limited Free use of Artwork on this Website

All the artwork on this website was created by and copyrighted to myself, Valerie A. Ryan, Owner of Tazmaa's Art Studio. With the exception of the painting by Lori Hill.

I've extended my permission for the free use of these artworks with certain caveats. Please read the terms carefully and feel free to print this page as proof of a free use copyright agreement.

  • The artwork must be used to raise awareness about proper disposal of marijuana discards or the toxicity of cannabis in animals.
  • The artwork provided may be altered by you & used to create your own posters & printed or digital media.
  • The artwork must not be used for commercial gain or to decorate/advertise products that are intended to make profit.
  • A link back to this website as credit is appreciated, but not necessary.

If you want to use my artwork for a commercial purpose, please email me and ask. Any and all use of these images in order to gain profit without my consent will result in legal action.


If you have any questions about the use of these graphics contact me

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