cannabis roaches are toxic to pets

We aim to educate the public about
the safe disposal of marijuana products.
We are not against the use of recreational cannabis,
Some of us even use it ourselves.

About Us

Lagotto Dog Character

Brought together by our dog breeder!

We are a small group of dog owners who are connected through a private facebook group. The group was created by our breeder, Tracey as a method to connect puppy owners and provide a space for asking questions.

It's become a fantastic educational experience for many of us as we are learning about her ethical breeding practices. Including raising the puppies & even detailed grooming considerations for our Lagotto Romagnolo dogs.

When a few of the dogs in the group started to experience cannabis toxicity, Tracey posted a video and asked us to help raise awareness of the problem. Since then, we've had multiple articles published and 2 posters prepared, along with this website to tie it all together.

Asking for Help

Organizations Contacted

Mail has been sent to Parks Canada, cities & townships, Langley Animal Protection Services, the Canadian Kennel Club and SPCA. So far, there has been no action from these mail outs.

parks canada responded, apologizing because they do not get enough complaints about this issue to make it a priority for them at this time. They may use our poster if that changes. So if you have experience with a dog becoming ill from cannabis toxicity in a Canadian Provincial Park, please share it with them too.

We are doing this as a grass roots campaign. We all have unique skill sets and are helping each other to further the original idea of the project. We are determined to get the word out with or without help.

Do you want to help?

You can help raise awareness by:

  • Contacting your own city, provincial parks or other organizations dedicated to marijuana supply, pet supplies or pet health.
  • Tell your stories to friends & share them on social media.
  • follow or share our page with others.
  • Print out one of our free posters to post in your local community.
  • donate to offset the costs & further our cause.


Do you have skills or idea's that we can use?

If you have any skills that can help us and you are interested in volunteering to further the project, please contact the web master for discussion.

Our Social Media Sites

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Potfreepet has a youtube channel & a facebook page that will hold updates, video's and stories of animals falling ill from cannabis toxicity.

Encouraging positive change requires keeping our tone upbeat & educational. Please refrain from name-calling and bullying recreational cannabis users online. Getting into online debates does not have to become inflamed arguments!

Once people are aware of the harm that dropping their butts on the ground can cause to pets, our goal is met. If people are aware and still choose to do so, that's a separate problem. Let's aim for simply raising awareness!

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Questions, Comments or Issues?

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email us here

Email us with any idea's you may have to help us further our goals! You can also email your own stories, or post them to our facebook page.

Send us a note if you are having any issues with the website or to report any problems with the content included.

Our Articles

Articles that we've Contributed to

As we continue to grow awareness of this issue, we will place links and images of the articles here for you to view. If you want to be notified when we update, following our facebook page is the best way!

Canines & Cannabis don't Mix

An article in Megaphone Magazine

Cannabis Toxic to Pets Article One view article >>

Grassroots campaign aims to raise awareness about the detrimental health effects that can result when dogs ingest marijuana.

line seperator marijuana leaf

Langley dog owner raises alarm about cannabis hazard after misadventure in park

Five-month old pup, Dax, became ill during a weekend walk in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Cannabis Toxic to Pets Article Two view article >>

A walk in Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge on this past weekend turned into a very bad day for Dax, a five-month-old Lagotto Romagnolo dog from Langley, after he consumed some cannabis remnants.

line seperator marijuana leaf

Five-month-old pup falls ill after presumably sniffing out some cannabis remnants

Langley dog owner creates poster asking weed smokers on trails and in parks to safely discard of roaches.

Cannabis Toxic to Pets Article Three view article >>

In yet another incident involving a pooch becoming ill after sniffing out (and eating) some pot, a dog owner in Langley, B.C. is sounding the alarm for weed smokers to take care where they ditch their roaches.

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LR Foundation Youtube Video

Video of Symptoms

Cannabis Toxic to Pets Article Four view video >>

LR Foundation has provided video of some of the symptoms of cannabis toxicity looks like in a Lagotto Romagnolo dog.

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