cannabis roaches are toxic to pets

Making your own Posters or Hand-outs?

Graphics for Creative Use

You can use these graphics to make your own posters, hand-outs, flyers or anything you need to help raise awareness in your community about the proper disposal of cannabis products.

The files provided below are offered free for use in digital articles or printed documents to promote awareness around the use of cannabis products and the safety of pets. You agree that you will not use these images to gain profit or charge any profit on items decorated with this artwork. Any profit gained nullifies the original intended purpose of the free use of these artworks and will be subject to copyright infringement law.

Want to get Creative?

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Add your own text, and make a statement! Use these graphics as illustrations to decorate your own posts, articles and stories. You can even add your school, corporation, city or store logo if you like.

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Artwork Terms of Use

Free to use for Raising Awareness

These artworks were created by Valerie Ryan. She has offered them free of copyrights as long as they are used to raise awareness of marijuana toxicity in pets or the safe disposal of cannabis products.

A link back to this website or artist credit is appreciated, but it's not a requirement for use of these images.

To see the full terms of use click here.

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