cannabis roaches are toxic to pets

Make a Donation to fund our Awareness Project

All Donations will be used to pay for fee's incurred.

You can now make a donation in order to offset the costs of web space & printed handouts through paypal! Please only donate if you have the means to do so comfortably.

potfreepet web maintenance fees are paid until 04/06/2023. The current budget is -$2.22 CAD.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project so far!

If you are unable to donate financially, please consider donating your time by printing a poster. Or you can throw us a quick share to your favourite social media page in order to help us continue to make a difference!

Donation Information

Where will the donation go?

All donations are accepted by Valerie Ryan of Tazmaa's Studio through paypal. Aside from paypal fee's incurred for each transaction, 100% of the proceeds will go directly towards this campaign.

Valerie has already paid out of pocket to print and hand out multiple posters & signs. She has also paid for the cost of this web space & domain name. Once the donations exceed her costs, the funds will be kept in the paypal account for use on future campaign projects.

Members of this campaign will then be able to request funding for their own community printouts or web costs (once there is sufficient amounts available to offer).

Our Plan if Donations should exceed Need

If donations exceed fee's paid & printing costs for our efforts thus far, they will be put towards printing cards to hand out with purchases at dispensaries, or create flyers that can be mailed out door to door. After that they will be kept in the secure paypal account for use by our members for printing or web costs.

If donations still exceed costs after that point, This button will be removed and donations will no longer be accepted.

thank you friends