cannabis roaches are toxic to pets

Symptoms of Cannabis Toxicity in Dogs

Stay alert for these Symptoms

Sick Hound Dog Character

Even small amounts of ingested cannabis can be harmful to pets. Sometimes it is difficult to know what your pet has ingested. Seeking veterinary care is always advised when dealing with symptoms such as these.

Symptoms can present 30 minutes to 3 hours after ingestion. They can be mild or severe. The effects can last up to several days in the worst cases, but some cases can resolve in 8-12 hours. Complications in young or elderly dogs, or dogs with compromised health can be fatal.

symptoms of cannabis toxicity in dogs:

  • lethargy
  • vomiting
  • depression
  • disorientation
  • dilated pupils
  • urinary incontinence
  • wobbling or falling over
  • incoordination
  • slowed heart rate
  • agitation / behavioural changes
  • high blood pressure

Some dogs enjoy the Scent

There are some dogs who enjoy the smell & taste of marijuana and will purposely seek it out.

Raising awareness of the effects that these discarded cannabis products have on animals is a good way to care for our communities. We all know we shouldn't litter, but when there's no harm done it's easy to toss a butt on the ground to stomp it out. We are asking cannabis users to reconsider & pick up the that roach for the safety of all pets. Even in the forest, or at campsites where it may not feel necessary to do so.

How to identify Cannabis discards

Marijuana discards come in many shapes & sizes!

Schnauzer Dog Character

Some may be small cylindrical shaped joint butts called "roaches" that look similar to cigarette butts. Usually white, but the papers used to roll joints can be any colour. With time, wear and rain the joint paper can change to look like regular mulch or mud on the ground. Others can be larger or longer, depending how much of the joint was smoked before discarding.

The surest way to identify a cannabis product is by it's strong, unique smell. If you don't recognize the smell, feel free to drop by a dispensary and inquire. They are typically happy to help spread positive messages about responsible use of cannabis.

We have found and picked up multiple marijuana discards in our neighbourhood. Providing images can show how difficult it is to recognize a leftover joint or roach, but you can always count on the smell to give it away!

images of cannabis discards we found:

Video of Cannabis Intoxication in Pets

Animals showing signs of Cannabis Intoxication

These are not comfortable videos to watch. In order to avoid strong reactions we've shut down comments on all our youtube videos. They are intended to educate, not to inflame attitudes towards cannabis users. Remember, there are plenty of responsible marijuana users who dispose of their discards properly.

If want to share your video & story please send them to us to review.

Dax, a 5 month old Lagotto Romagnolo presenting symptoms of Cannabis Toxicity

Symptoms of Cannabis Intoxication in a 4 month old Lagotto Romagnolo

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